Life in the British countryside inspires people all over the world, evoking time spent enjoying rich, varied landscapes, with steaming cups of tea, wellies and umbrellas at the ready.  British design is just as celebrated, for its heritage of subtle, quirky touches, rigorous attention to detail and exceptional quality.

Willow & Lark is a new yarn brand inspired by this distinctively British personality, celebrating the colours of Britain’s natural landscapes and reflecting the best of British design in everything we do – from the design of our logo to the twist of our yarn and the edge on our designs.

We’re proud to work with some of the world’s best yarn producers to offer knitters an exceptional knitting experience with every Willow & Lark project.

Willow & Lark is sold exclusively at

Willow & Lark yarns celebrate all elements of British Design and we love working with British Designers for their unique aesthetic. However, we don’t want this pride in our British design skills to limit the choice we offer our designers and customers in terms of fibre and fibre mixes; finishes; colours and twists (and all at an accessible price) which means we source our yarns internationally. Sometimes this means working with mills in Europe, sometimes with mills in South America, and of course sometimes working with mills in the UK. We want to be transparent to all our customers that Willow and Lark yarns – while inspired by British colours and heritage, designed by British designers, photographed and styled in Britain –  won’t always be made from British wool or mills. Willow & Lark is one of LoveCrafts’ in-house labels.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our patterns or yarns or check our Pattern Errata page for any updates.